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For over 150 years, our families have fought for this great nation and the American Dream.  Throughout this struggle, the Hatfield's and the McCoy's came to realize that nothing in life is more important than Our Families and the place we call Home.


Who I Am

Professional Real Estate & Health Insurance Leader With A Proven Track Record

Hatfield & McCoy Real Estate, LLC. was founded by Jackie "Jack" Lee Hatfield, Jr. who is the 3rd Great Grandson of William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield (Patriarch of the Hatfield family during the infamous Hatfield & McCoy family feud).  He spends a lot of time helping  promote and preserve history of the Hatfield & McCoy families promoting his book and making appearances.

Jack holds an MBA (Masters of Business Administration), a Real Estate Agent who specializes in the Florida West Coast area real estate and a Health Insurance Agent.  He helps his clients buy, sell, and rent properties - managing every aspect of the real estate process. No matter whether you’re looking to sell your current home, or find a new rental property to rest your head, He can help you secure the best opportunities in the real estate market.

The bedrock of our company can be found in our family’s history.  Driven by a passion for protecting our faith, our family and our homes, our mission remains the same today for you and your family.

In his free time (not promoting the family history, selling Insurance or Real Estate) he loves to remodel homes and spending time with his two small dogs (Roxie & Luna).

Hatfield Family Origin / ​Family Tree:

  • William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield

    • Robert E. Lee Hatfield

      • John B. Hatfield

        • John B. Hatfield, Jr.

          • Jackie L. Hatfield

            • Jackie L. Hatfield, Jr.


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